2011 Annual Conference

The Annual Conference was held April 15-17, 2011 at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the Merchandise Mart Plaza

Humanistic Psychology: In the World...On the Edge

April 15-17, 2011

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and the Merchandise Mart Plaza

Plenary Speakers

Ernesto Spinelli: a world renowned leader in cutting edge scholarship and practice in existential-phenomenological therapy, supervision, coaching,and consultation

Voyce Hendrix: co-founder of the famed and legendary Soteria House, bringing us new and promising ways to care for ostracized and oppressed suffering souls

Maureen O'Hara: on her applications of person-centered psychology for healing communities.

David Elkins: bringing us wisdom from Humanistic Psychology's Clinical Manifesto for a world in crisis

Call for Presentations, Papers, Posters, and the Arts

“In the world…On the edge” is our theme as we focus on the importance of humanistic psychology in a world of global crisis and transition. We are seeking presentations, papers, posters, and the arts that reflect this theme in various ways. By “in the world” we mean taking humanistic psychology beyond the walls of consulting rooms and academic classrooms and finding itself “presencing” in “eventings” of suffering and hope: local, national, and international, which may include topics such as the state of the art and future of existential analysis around the world; shamanic journeying and the call of deep ecopsychology; the challenges of experiential, radical validation and “meetings” within radically diverse encounters in everyday existence; our presence or absence in the world-wide internet, media, entertainment, and sports; critical challenges of psychology as a discipline that “recovers soul,” among other exciting possibilities. By “on the edge” we mean both humanistic psychology (e.g., existential, person-centered, gestalt, transpersonal, critical psychology) in dialogue at the interstices with other theoretical orientations (e.g., neuroscience, cognitive-behavioral, systems, psychodynamic), disciplines (e.g., philosophy, medicine, social work, business, legal, economic, religion, etc.), and/or projects in the world (e.g., new milieu therapies, social action projects), and pushing beyond the limits of “what has been” into “what could be” as we move into a vital time in the state of the art of being human and humanely caring in today’s world.

You may access the website, register, and submit your proposals online.

For more information, please contact the Conference Chairperson, Todd DuBose at (312) 329-6694, or Brent Robbins, the conference Coordinator.