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Student Ambassadors Program Begins

In the US, there are about 25 psychology graduate programs that have some specialization in the "Humanistic Psychologies" (Humanistic, Existential, Constructivist, & Transpersonal). The goal of the Student Ambassador program is to have a student representative from each of these programs who is a liaison to the Division 32. The Ambassador agrees to spread the news about what Division 32 is up to and also pass information to D32 about what things are happening at their schools. Right now there is a lot of things going on but many people don't know about them. We want to change that.

The Student Ambassador would help spread information about topics such as:

Upcoming conferences: D32 has it's own conference about every year and you, your fellow students and even your faculty to submit some of your work to this conference. It would be great to have one presentation from all 25 schools. This conference is very open to graduate student work and is trying to have programming that is significant for graduate students including the  "speed mentoring" project. Additional information. Submission deadline December 17, 2011


We'd like you to steer your fellow students toward our Facebook page. Right know we have a variety of people in the field of Humanistic Psychology posting interesting articles that are relevant to what is going on right now. Our page is "Society for Humanistic Psychology". Type that into your search button!

Encourage students to join as student affiliates. 

Division 32 is working hard to help students with their careers. Joining a our division is a great way to meet journal editors, people in private practice, people who run PhD programs, and many other creative and profound folks! The student affiliate price is $25 and one does not have to be a member of the APA to be a member of the division.  People can also join on line or call: (202) 216-7602 or email Keith Cooke. With a Student affiliate membership one gets the Division 32 journal "the Humanistic Psychologist" and a free Fadiman and Frager textbook. 

Who we have, Who we need! 

  • Alair Altiero, Roger Watts-Capella University;

  • Katie Darling-Michigan School of Professional Psychology

  • Jennifer Stevens,  Rodger Broome-Saybrook University

  • Jennine Calpo-Argosy University

  • Ariel Larson-Duquesne University

  • Nathan Lorentz-Chicago School of Professional Psychology

  • Trisha Nash-University of Memphis

  • Angela Howey--University of Dallas

  • Marie Elliston-The University of West Georgia

  • Lucia Merino-Argosy University

Need Ambassadors: Sonoma State, Seattle, Pacifica, Naropa, ITP, Atlantic, Antioch, Walden, Goddard College, Holy Name, Fielding Grad Inst, JFK , Pepperdine, Prescott College, National, St. Mary’s College of CA, Ryokan College, Salve Regina.

If you know a student who would love to participate let me know, Richard Bargdill,  D32 Membership Chair, Member-at-large.

Speed Mentoring at Chicago Conference

The Communications Committee is trying to organize an event for the Division 32 “Society for Humanistic Psychology” Conference in Chicago (April 15-17th ). The project is called “Speed Mentoring” and the idea is that for about an hour there will be a number of tables set up with experts in a variety of psychology related areas. Each table has just few chairs for psychology graduates students or Early Career Psychologists (ECPs). The experts will answer questions that the grad students/ECPs ask and provide any help they can for about five minutes. A bell will ring and a new group of students can come to the table and thus the students can move on to the next expert in a different area.

We are seeking who would be willing to share advice as experts on the following topics: Getting into Grad School, Clinical Internships, Getting Published, Entering Clinical Practice, Choosing a Dissertation Topic/Committee, Joining a Professional Organization, entering Academia. If you might be able to help in terms of answering questions of the younger generation of upcoming humanistic psychologist, please let me know. If you would like to be an expert on a different themed table not listed above let me know that too. Please pass forward any contact information to Richard Bargdill, PhD, D32 Communications Committee Chair, Member-at-Large.