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  • Frank Farley, PhD, speaks out in The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Frank Farley, PhD, Former APA President and active Division 32 Board Member, speaks out in his Letter to the Editor in The Chronicle of Higher Education on John Horgan’s article “Are psychiatric medications making us sicker?” (The Chronicle Review, September 23, 2011). Dr. Farley joins a growing chorus of voices calling for reform of the DSM and review of the proposed DSM-5. Dr. Farley says, “So many scientific and societal questions have arisen over the DSM in recent years that in my view serious consideration should be given to scrapping this failing manifesto of mental illness, and starting over. But at the very least, a full scale debate about the issues raised by Horgan and many others should be joined by scientists, practitioners and the public, whose health is on the line.” View the article "Psychiatric Meds: Perils, Promises, and Profits".

  • Interdivisional Grant Proposal
    Louise Kuen-Wei Sundararajan, PhDDivision 32 is taking the lead in an Interdivisional Grant Proposal to bridge the science and practice divide. We are joined by three other divisions: 24 (Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology), 39 (Psychoanalysis), and 17 (Counseling Psychology). The fact that it is the clinician-rich divisions that are sponsoring this proposal is significant. If you think that the long standing disconnect between science and practice is attributable to alleged apathy on the part of clinicians who are not interested in science, think again.

  • Humanistic-Existential Psychology a Featured Article in APA Monitor
    SHP members highlighted
    Searching for Meaning
    Michael Price – APA Monitor Staff

    The APA publication, Monitor, highlights the work of Humanistic-Existential author and psychologist, Kirk Schneider, PhD in its November 2011 issue. Acknowledging that addressing meaning in life is of therapeutically value to clients, the article by Michael Price, examines how the Existential-Humanistic approach helps people make sense of difficult life circumstances. The article also mentions former SHP President, Louise Sundararajan, PhD, and Schneider co-author, Orah Krug, PhD. View the Monitor article.

  • New Publication on Existential Psychology being released on January 11, 2012 by Routledge
    Existential Therapy: Legacy, Vibrancy and Dialogue by Laura Barnett and Greg Madison (Eds.) is part of a series called "Advancing Theory in Therapy" and has articles by Kirk Schneider, Maurice Friedman, Eugene Gendlin, Emmy Van Duerzen, Ernesto Spinelli, Alfried Langle, M. Guy Thompson, Betty Cannon, Roger Frie, Les Todres, and others.

  • The Eighth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry
    The Eighth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (QI2012) is re-opening its abstract submission deadline to 15 January 2012.
  • SHP Board Member Presents Research Findings at Existential Psychology Conference
    Donna Rockwell, PsyD writes about attending the upcoming Second International Conference of Existential Psychology in Shanghai, China, May 27-27, 2012, where she will be presenting her findings on Mindfulness in clinical psychology training. Read her blog on The New Existentialists website, Journey to the East.