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Membership notes

Read about membership growth, student ambassadors at 24 academic programs with humanistic leanings, online memberships and the SHP student travel grant.

By Richard Bargdill

2012 was a growth year for Division 32! Some of the areas that increasing are in International Members (+7) and student membership (+60). Students have been attracted through the student ambassador program, initiated by Richard Bargdill and Trisha Nash. There has also been a going interest in the division through the Facebook pages: Society for Humanistic Psychology and Students of Humanistic Psychology. In addition, our annual conference has also been an attractive event that draws in students.

$15 online student membership now available for purchase on online! There have been some additions through the reduced price of online membership that is only $15 for students and international members.

Student Ambassadors : In the U.S., there are about 25 psychology graduate programs that have some specialization in the "Humanistic Psychologies" (Humanistic, Existential, Constructivist, & Transpersonal). Our goal is to have a student representative from each program who acts as a liaison between their school and our society. We are now expanding to include schools that have at least one faculty who is producing students who are interested in the humanistic psychologies. The ambassador agrees to spread the news about what Division 32 is up to and our division tries to help the students by offering with professional development opportunities! Right now there is a lot of things going on but many people don't know about them. We are here to change that.

Advisor: Richard Bargdill, Virginia Commonwealth University

Assistant advisor: Trish Nash, University of Memphis

Conference liaison: Krisanna Sharon, The Chicago School

Student Ambassadors:

  • Dylan Keenberg, Chicago School

  • Alair Altiero, Capella University

  • Rebecca Marcelina Gimeno, West Georgia University

  • Katie Darling, Michigan School of Professional Psychology

  • Danielle Fetty, Southern Illinois University

  • Aaron Miller, Southern Illinois University

  • Julia Stone, Imaculata University

  • Lee Vance, Wright Institute

  • Constance Kellogg, Pacifica Graduate Institute

  • Erin Coffman, Chatham University

  • Donnalin Constantine, University of Memphis

  • Shannon McIntyre, Long Island University

  • Justin Underwood, Pepperdine University

  • Deanna Waugh, Saybrook University (PsyD)

  • Sarah Kass, Saybrook University (PhD)

  • Josef Assouline, Argosy University

  • Kristian Weihs, York University

  • Sidney Dang, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

  • Chris McCann, Duquesne University

  • Jake Glazier, West Georgia University

  • Sadi Fox, Auburn University

  • Sarah Rectenwald, Point Park University

  • Erica Freeman, Seattle University

  • Nesreen Alsoraimi, Alliant University

Special Division 32 Student Travel Grant

Dr. Louis Hoffman presented a special travel grant from members of the Division 32 Executive board to Jake Glazier, a doctoral student from the University of West Georgia. Jake was the sole attendee from the UWG, an important school with long roots in humanistic psychology. Jake is a Student Ambassador for UWG and is also on Division 32's Presidential Taskforce on Diversity. While we did not have a surfboard size check, Jake received a smaller one for $300.