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By Richard Bargdill

Rich Bargdill, PhD We have continued to build our membership at a time when other divisions have shrunk. Our total numbers with Members, Affiliates, Students and Internationals is around 700 and that makes us a medium-sized Division. There are divisions as small as 200 and as large as 3000. We currently have two representatives on Council, Scott Churchill and Frank Farley, which is rare for a division our size. The reason we have two is because our members, when given a chance to fill out their apportionment ballots, have been very loyal to the division and have often given all ten of the votes to Division 32. We hope to continue this tradition, so Full Members please give all your votes to our division. Please contact me if you want some Div. 32 brochures or a membership application.


I would like to congratulate a number of our new PhDs and encourage them to join the APA and become a full member of our division. I would hope that if you know of others that have recently finished their degrees that you would pass their names forward to me or Trisha Nash ( is on the membership committee. So Congratulations to our new Doctors!

Trisha Nash
University of Memphis

Sarah Kass
Saybrook University

Thomas Duvall
Fielding Institute

Vanessa Brown
Michigan School of Professional Psychology

Amy Taylor
Duquesne University

Dana Howley
Michigan School of Professional Psychology

Mariana D'Angelo
Michigan School of Professional Psychology

Division Conference

The 7th Annual Div. 32 Conference at Sofia University will be held March 13-16 in Palo Alto, CA. There is a need for student volunteers for the conference. These volunteers will earn a partial remission on their registration fee. Student Ambassadors will have a special poster session that highlights Humanistic research being done at schools with a Humanistic approach. There will be a book auction and T-shirt sales at the conference to help support the travel costs of Student Ambassadors to the division conference. If you have a book that would be of interest to a humanistic psychologist or student, please bring it to the conference as a donation! This is a great opportunity for folks who want to promote their new book. Visit the conference website for more information.

Finally, please encourage anyone who shows interest in our work to become a member and join in. Humanistic Psychology is the one group that brings together psychology with art, philosophy, literature, and social activism. It is really a vibrant group of folks.

Call for Papers

APA Convention 2014 - Hospitality Suite Program
Submission deadline: March 1

The Society for Humanistic Psychology, Division 32 of the American Psychological Association is accepting proposals for presentations in it's Hospitality Suite in Washington D.C. at the annual convention of the APA held Aug 7-10, 2014.

Proposals for paper's, symposia, workshops and electronic posters will be accepted through March 1, 2014 at link above.

The program is open to any topic relevant to Humanistic Psychology, however, preference will be given to those submissions that are in concert with our President Brent Robbin's Theme for this year: Human Dignity and Humanistic Values. Please keep in mind that due to recent changes in programming, the Hospitality Suite will incur a higher submission rate of proposals and all proposals unfortunately cannot be accepted. Thanks for your interest in Div. 32 Society of Humanistic Psychology Hospitality Suite. Address questions to Nathaniel Granger, PsyD, Hospitality Suite Co-Chair.