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Membership Corner

A new chair will take the mantle following the 2014 APA convention

By Richard Bargdill

New Membership Chair Trisha Nash, PhD, from University of Memphis will be taking over as Div. 32 membership chair at the APA Convention in Washington, DC this August. Trish has been working closely with outgoing membership chair, Richard Bargdill, for the last several years. She has helped grow the Student Ambassador program that unites Humanistic Psychology graduate programs with the Div. 32 board so that we can help offer professional development opportunities for graduate students and help build community through the next generation.

2014 was a solid year for Div. 32 membership. The power to vote on important issues facing psychology comes by being an APA member and a division member. This is called being a full member. We can improve our influence in the APA by voting for officers of APA and by obtaining a second APA Council representative. We gain that representative when full members give all ten of their “Apportionment Ballots” votes to Div. 32. So increasing the number of full members is particularly important. If you know people who are humanistic in their heart, please encourage them to become part of our division, especially if they are already APA members. We have many loyal, long time members, but we also need to encourage and recruit new membership.

We have been hovering around the 700 (combined) member mark for the last few years and we are hoping to see the number start going up. Here's where we have been doing well: Student Affiliates and Internationals have all shown growth over the last few years. Unfortunately, those sectors are not voting members. So if you are a student who is graduating in the near future please make sure you change your status to full member! A student membership is now available for purchase on online for $15.

The membership fees are extremely reasonable for students and international affiliates (professional non-North Americans) and are set at $15. Student status includes anyone who does not have a terminal degree, PhD or PsyD. If you have such a degree then you should apply for a full member status, being both an APA member and Div. 32 member. APA dues are collected through the APA, not from Div. 32. Our dues are $48. If you are a professional non-psychologist, you may join as a professional affiliate at $48, as well. Join today .

When should new members expect to get their first journal?

The APA Conference in August marks the divide of the membership year. Anyone who joins an APA division after August 1 st will be credited with membership starting in January of the next year. So if you join Aug. 2, 2014, your membership will begin Jan.1, 2015. You will receive your first copy of the Div. 32 journal, The Humanistic Psychologist, when the first of four journals come out that year. In other words, you might have a long wait before you get your first journal, but you will get all four that come out that year, after January. If you renew your membership every year, you will never have to wait for your journal again!

Student Ambassadors Receive Travel funds from T-shirt & Raffle sales

The Student Ambassador program was able to distribute $50 to each of 10 Student Ambassadors who attended the Div. 32 conference at Sofia University this past March. The money was raised through book raffles and t-shirt sales at the conference and online. Buy your t-shirt today and show your Div. 32 pride.

Travel Award winners:
  • Krisanna Sharon, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Dylan Keenberg, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Katie Darling, Michigan School of Professional Psychology
  • Rose Freidham, Wright Institute
  • Constance Kellogg, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Gina Belton, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Shannon McIntyre, Long Island University
  • Justin Underwood, Pepperdine University
  • Deanna Waugh, Saybrook University (PsyD)
  • Lisa Vallejos, Saybrook University
  • Nesreen Alsoraimi, Alliant University