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By Donna Rockwell, PsyD, and Kevin Keenan, PhD

What does it mean to be a humanistic psychologist? Brent Robbins's presidential column, "Humanistic Psychology, Human Dignity, and the Interpretive Stance of Agape Love," addresses this question and the larger implications of how to ensure the vitality of the Society for Humanistic Psychology.

The Society For Humanistic Psychology Annual Conference, held at Sofia University, March 13-16, 2014, proved to be a gathering of like-minded thinkers, happy to have a forum through which to explore the existential questions of what it means to be alive, and the diverse ways of working with clients in existential and humanistic ways. Through exceptional speakers and pivotal stakeholders in the field, conference attendees left intellectually and emotionally enriched and connected to a growing community. Conference organizer, Constance A. Kellogg, MS describes this year's event.

Ed Mendelowitz, in his column, "Humanitas," speaks to the multiplicity of elements that define truth in, “Boston Strong: Patriot's Day One Year Later.” In examining the way a city responds to a crisis of character and trust, Dr. Mendelowitz points out that we cannot look only to other, but must see that “ …banished, unwanted voices comprise an essential part of the dialogue and story. We must embrace, as Rollo May kept admonishing, the daemons within if we are to forestall future returns of the Furies.”

Membership chair, extraordinaire, Richard Bargdill, PhD introduces us to Trish Nash, PhD, Div. 32's new membership chair, in his membership report. Dr. Nash has worked with Dr. Bargdill over the past several years and we are fortunate to have her energy and expertise in the important role of drawing new members to the Society. Dr. Bargdill deserves a standing ovation for his remarkable term as membership chair. He created a climate of meaning and relationship with humanistic hearts and minds around the world, and in particular with students who felt they found a place to call home in the Society. Thank you, Rich!

As chair of the awards committee, Dr. Susan Gordon outlines the awards programs. The acceptance speeches offer the best of both our elder scholars and our students.

And finally, congratulations to our Div. 32 Board of Directors election winners: President-elect, Kirk J. Schneider, PhD, Secretary Nathaniel Granger, Jr., PhD, and Members-at-large, Rich Bargdill, PhD and Susan Gordon, PhD. Thank you for your commitment and service to the division.

We hope SHP members find the content in this newsletter interesting and useful. Please consider contributing to the newsletter. Send us your written work that speaks to creative aspects of humanistic theory, research and practice as well as humanistic perspectives on being-in-the-world. As Dr. Mendelowitz stresses through the words of Kafka, “Only in the chorus do we find a certain truth.”