From the leadership

Report from the membership chair

The division hopes to entice active, previously active and new members to join as we move through 2016.

By Trisha Nash

As we take a look at our current membership, our numbers are still down from the previous year; however, this is a consistent trend through APA, following the incidents of the previous years. That said, we continue to add members monthly and have not yet seen the numbers for March, following our conference. Our numbers show that we have a number of members who are continuous members, which shows the dedication that our members have to our division. We hope to continue to entice active, previously active and new members to join as we move through 2016 and are always open to suggestions. We continue to work with Membership Services for ideas that have worked in other divisions, as well as continuing to reach out in a grassroots manner through our students and events attended by our members. If anyone is attending a new event and needs information to disperse, please let me know. Following are some roles that are continuing and developing in our membership program.

Student Ambassadors and Student Representatives

The Student Ambassador Program has continued to be an extremely active group that is working to become more organized, self-run and eventually continue expansion into humanistic-existential (H-E) focused schools who are not currently presented. A group of members has been working to create a list of expectations of our ambassadors and ways to provide guidance to students, providing them with ways to share and disperse information about our division. The student ambassadors also have become intricately involved with our representatives to the board. For the 2016-17 year, our President-elect Shawn Rubin has agreed to nominate two student representatives, who will be elected by the student membership. The students have expressed their gratitude for feeling as though their voices are being heard.

Membership Activation

In the previous year, members allocated a greater share on their apportionment ballot to Div. 32, allowing us to have another member on the APA Council of Representatives for the 2015-16 year. Again, for the 2016-17 year, we received enough to retain our two representatives. Our council representatives are extremely important for speaking up for H-E ideals in the greater APA membership.


Our society continues to have a large presence on Facebook (more than 10,000 members between our two sites). The Facebook pages continue to be great places for sharing articles, books, conferences, etc. The student page provides a great space for students to ask questions and to connect.

Early Career Psychologists

We are continuing to work to find ways to provide opportunities for early career psychologists, including working to provide mentoring and opportunities. At present, we are working with the board to determine the best options, as well as ways to come up with ideas.

SHP-TV and Media

Donna Rockwell and Justin Karter have created a SHP-TV, a YouTube channel to post both historic and contemporary videos of a humanistic and existential nature. We see this as a great step in sharing information for both personal and academic use.

We are continuing to try to find ways to serve the members, so if you have suggestions, comments or anything you'd like to discuss, do not hesitate to contact me.

Membership committee members:

Trisha Nash, PhD, chair
Richard Bargdill
Krissana Sharon