Membership Report for 2016

Membership Chair Trish Nash reports on division membership.

By Trisha Nash

Membership Committee Report

Membership Data

  • 2012 membership total (through August, 2012) = 714
  • 2013 membership total (through August, 2013) = 707
  • 2014 membership total (through August, 2014) = 690
  • 2015 membership total (through August, 2015) = 643
  • 2016 membership total (through August, 2016) = 631

While our current numbers, as with the numbers throughout APA, are lower – we got within 12 members of our final count for last year. This speaks to the hard work we have been doing to gain active members. We have continued to entice student members, so our next role is to support those students who are graduating – to find ways to keep them involved within our division. Many of our recent graduates have become involved in the division – on the board, in conference planning, even with the production of our newsletter. We would like to continue to find, or even create, more opportunities. Additionally, we hope to find ways to connect our newer members with the members that have shown a long time commitment to our division. We are always open to ideas on how to create and maintain connections, as well as for ideas on how to grow.  Below are some current and upcoming things to take note of.

Student Graduates

Div. 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology, would like to recognize the following former students who have completed their terminal degrees (PhD or PsyD) in psychology. Congratulations.

  • Danielle Fetty, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Susan Hadley, Saybrook University
  • Lois Hope, Immaculata University
  • Sarah Kamens, Fordham University
  • Dylan Keenberg, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (LA)
  • Veronica Lac, Saybrook University
  • Kat Lewitzke, Michigan School of Professional Psychology
  • Monica Mansilla, Saybrook University
  • Camille O'Connor, Duquesne University
  • Krisanna Sharon, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Derrick Sebree Jr., Michigan School of Professional Psychology
  • Julia Stone, Immaculata University

Discussion groups and Task Forces

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing information about the current discussion groups and task forces. While task forces are appointed by the president, you are welcome to reach out to the leaders to ask questions or share ideas. As for discussion groups, these are generally open to our division members by simply contacting the person leading the discussion group.  

Membership renewal

Trisha Nash, PhD Keep your eyes open for a reminder from your membership committee to renew your membership (if you have not already.) Please remember that memberships run from August to August (as APA sets this) but that you do not have to be a member of APA to join the division. If there are any questions on membership, please email .

Your Membership Committee -

Trisha Nash , PhD, chair
Richard Bargdill, PhD
Krissana Sharon, PsyD