Profiles in Psychotherapy and the Arts

Wise words from The Bard of Humanistic Psychology

Original poetry from Tom Greening on aging, life and self-reflection.

By Tom Greening

Aging Ain't for Me

This aging process ain’t for me.
It’s hard to fade with dignity.
There’s much I can no longer do.
My losses– great, my triumphs– few.
I used to stride courageously,
but now I stumble stupidly.
I’d like to live within a bubble,
sealed off from senile stress and trouble.
Past heaven’s gate perhaps I’ll find
a God respectful, wise and kind.

    Tom Greening

Time Still Left

I’d like to think that I have done some good
and helped mired struggling souls feel understood.
I’ve listened, cared, and tried to hear each tale
of hardship, loss, endurance and travail,
of guilt and shame and wearying distress,
abandonment and barren loneliness.
From this tough job I now will take my leave
with time still left in which I can retrieve
some youthful verve, ebullience and zest
before I lie down for my final rest.

    Tom Greening

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