Profiles in Psychotherapy and the Arts

Larry Graber Reports on Clinical Hypnosis and Creative Arts Therapies

Larry Graber discusses his latest work to develop a whole person approach to healing trauma.

By Larry Graber

I have continued my integration of clinical hypnosis with creative arts therapies, first in March 2017 at the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis, in Phoenix, Arizona, and then, in October 2017 at the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis meeting, in Chicago, Illinois.

I co-presented a workshop the end of March 2017 at the Los Angeles Expressive Arts Therapies Summit with Serlin and Leventhal on Healing International Populations Through Movement.

I have been continuing my focus on developing a whole person approach to healing trauma in Emergency Responders along with my colleague, Kat Rosemond, PhD, in part, with an APA presentation in August, on a panel with Serlin and Krippner.

In January 2018, I co-lead a two-day seminar, Shamans, Healers and Sustainers in Conversation, focusing on aspects of rhythm and synchrony that build empathic bonds or contribute to relational disturbances on micro and macro levels of organization. I also used the communal faculty of music and rhythm, along with Native American traditions, to promote individual, group and global healing.