Profiles in Psychotherapy the Arts

Introducing New Members

Mary Gregerson, PhD, is a new member of Div. 32 and of the Psychotherapy and the Arts special interest area.

By Mary Gregerson, PhD

Mary Gregerson, PhDAs a new member of Div. 32, I want to introduce myself to many of you whom I already know and some of you I look forward to meeting. Humanistic psychology permeates my work from the theoretical model of Synchronous Systems; to practice efforts like Lifestyle Balancing and Partnering; to research enterprises like Psychoneuroimmunologic Evaluation of Imaginal Techniques; to community social responsibility like Media First Response; to my policy initiatives like the Creative Forces Military Healing Arts Network. 

Below is my professional biography:

Mary Gregerson is a clinical and media psychologist, a scientific researcher and a specialist in several unique fields of psychology including psychoneuroimmunology, environmental health psychology, performance psychology and lifestyle balancing. Her woman-owned small business operates in the mid-west as Heartlandia Psychology and on the east coast as Health, Environment, Performance Psychology.

In addition, she works with clients in prevention and training, to maintain health and to optimize wellness. Her work in lifestyle balancing derives from the work of George and Marlatt. Basically, an individual in pain has a life out of balance — either physiologically, psychologically, interpersonally or with the physical environment. Balancing requires aligning the client's personal values with her/his life activities that synchronize all systems optimally to minimize stress and maximize satisfaction.

Gregerson's unique environmental consultation techniques help individuals, couples and families adapt to and optimize their ability to function, considering their psychological and physiological resources and challenges within their social and physical environments to support instead of hamper chosen goals. 

Performance psychology assists individuals to define the rules of tasks they wish to undertake in life both professional and personally. Gregerson helps individuals eliminate those things that interfere with achieving their desired goals and roles.