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News from our Elder Bard

Norman Molesko shares his poetry and news about his upcoming book.

By Norman Molesko

Norman Molesko is an ambassador for seniors. Since the year 1999, Norman has been bringing poetry and joy about the lives of seniors to many people. He reports that he is “still cruising along at age 87.”  He has completed a new book, entitled Seniors and Elders Embracing Life, published by Create Space. The poem below, titled “Good Feelings,” appeared in the November 2017 edition of the Valley Voice Newspaper.


A person can be lonely, living in his own shell,
within himself or alone in a lonely crowd.
Each of these shells is a shell of isolation.
Another person can penetrate the shell, 
interacting with the person in the shell. 
This is an example of social interactions.

Give a smile to another person.
Then say, “How Are You Doing?”
The smile and the simple message
are picked up by the other person.

The shells of isolation are penetrated.

Both persons are having good feelings.

© Norman Molesko, 2017