Profiles in Psychotherapy and the Arts

Camilo Villanueva Shares Transpersonal Paintings

Camilo Villanueva, an artist in Buenos Aires, provides a representation of the field of transpersonal art.
By Camilo Villaneuva

Camilo Villanueva is an artist.who lives in Buenos Aires. He has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and contributes some of his transpersonal paintings below. His art work is representative of the fascinating field referred to as "Transpersonal Art."

He is a master of shape and form, which he uses to encompass colors never before seen on an artist's palette. His work reflects "Chaos Theory's Fractals and Holograms," giving each painting unique dimensions that add to its distinctiveness. It is "transpersonal" in the sense that it contains content that is spiritual in nature, displays its roots in nature, both in the out-of-doors and in the depths of the human psyche, leaving his viewers inspired as well as transcendent.

Transpersonal art Transpersonal art Transpersonal art