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Integrated Care for the Traumatized

Forthcoming publication: Co-Editors Ilene Serlin, Stanley Krippner and Kirwan Rockefeller, Foreword by Charles Figley, publisher Rowman and Littlefield, on new models of Whole Person integrated care for the traumatized.
By Ilene Serlin, PhD, Stanley Krippner, PhD, and Kirwan Rockefeller

Integrated Care for the Traumatized proposes a model for the future of behavioral health by focusing on health care integration and the importance of the Whole Person Approach (WPA). This book fills a void by applying the WPA integration to the traumatized that enables the reader to learn from experienced trauma practitioners on how to assess and treat trauma as humanely and compassionately as possible. By expanding the possibilities of behavioral health by centering upon the whole person, an old idea emerges as a modern solution to over specialized practices.

This book has four sections: “Foundations,” “Interventions for Individuals,” “Interventions for Communities” and “Future of Integrative Care for the Traumatized.” Each chapter discusses the importance of working within an integrative and WP approach, with descriptions of integrative models, research evidence and applications that are already working. These chapters can help students, families and seasoned professionals to improve upon and expand their practice with the traumatized in both the individual and community contexts.

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