Psychotherapy and the Arts: Past Issues

  • April 2019

    This issue, a collaboration between Divs. 10 and 32, focuses on the influence of creativity and the arts, and how they can be used in psychotherapy.

  • June 2018

    In this issue: Welcome to the newsletter, a joint venture of Divs. 32 and 10; news and new members; art as therapy and more.

  • April 2012[PDF]

    In this issue: New member welcome, Moving beyond the DSM: From hoarding to foraging for memories, upcoming conferences and calls for Papers, a film review of “A Dangerous Method", and the poetics of Aging Conference Workshops.

  • December 2011[PDF]

    In this issue: News from Heather, News from Ilene, a new book from Dr. Sandra Reeve, and an art therapy workshop.

  • November 2011[PDF]

    In this issue: News from Ilene, new member introductions, Poetics of Again Conference, the Expressive Therapies Summit, an article from Stephen K. Levine, a project from Jason McCarty, APA news, IJCAIP news, a request for research on trauma, and an intergenerational video project.

  • July 2011[PDF]

    In this issue: Introductions, new member introductions, upcoming events at APA, a book review from Catherine Mellinger, a conference paper from William Feez and Heather Hill, and the Wellness Fair kickoff.

  • March 2011[PDF]

    In this issue: News from Heather, new member introductions, a poem by John Fox, news from Ilene, the Book Well project, and upcoming conferences.

  • December 2010[PDF]

    In this issue: New member introductions, an article by Tobi Zausner, an article by Marcia Plevin, book reviews, a letter from Gwen Lowenheim, an article by Talia Shafir, book notes, and conference news.

  • September 2010[PDF]

    In this issue: Introduction to new members, Society for the Arts in Healthcare Conference, invitation from the Centre for Spirituality and Aging, a new book review, news from Ilene, Arts and Health Conference 2010 abstract, new books and video clips.

  • July 2010[PDF]

    In this issue: APA events, introductions, book reviews, and a message from Kenneth Gergen.

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