Psychotherapy and the Arts Special Interest Group

The Psychotherapy and the Arts Special Interest Group has, since 2005, served to connect psychologists and allied professionals interested in the healing power of the arts. With over 200 members, it offers a free e-newsletter published several times a year in which resources, reviews, recent creative works of members, upcoming conferences and organized events at APA promote the theory and practice of the creative arts therapies; the role of the arts in conveying humanity's deepest hopes, fears and dreams; the art of living; and the art of psychotherapy. Membership in Div. 32 is encouraged but not required.


Psychotherapy and the Arts
This is publication includes section news, upcoming convention information, commentary, books and more.
Editors: Ilene Serlin, PhD; Pamela J. McCrory, PhD; and Allyn Enderlyn, PhD


Chair: Ilene Serlin, PhD
Telephone: (415) 931-3819

Date created: 2012