Undergraduate Student Special Interest Group

The Undergraduate Student Special Interest Group was started in order to provide a way for undergraduates to share a multiplicity and diversity of thought, community, friendship and outreach.

The aim of the group is to lessen apathy and malaise students sometimes feel when they are too often seen, and see themselves as nothing more than objects being measured, compared and produced in, and for the university. Therefore, the Student Interest Group encourages three primary ways of involvement: a passionate intellectual climate without de-gradation (the other side of grading), a chance for group cohesion through joyous and meaningful involvement in various projects, lectures and celebrations; and simple, grassroots style University and local community outreach. The interest group is currently in the process of producing an undergraduate journal in humanistic psychology, for which we welcome submissions. If your school does not already have a chapter of Division 32's Undergraduate Student Interest Group in Humanistic Psychology, please contact us so we can help you get one started.


Robert McInerney, chair SIG

Date created: 2011
Spring 2011 newsletter