Committees and Appointed Positions

Division 34 has several committees that focus on specific areas of environmental, population and conservation psychology.

Standing Committees

  • Awards Committee
    The Awards Committee provides recommendations for the Newman-Proshansky Professional Achievement Award. The committee also manages the review and selection of Graduate Student Research Award and the Undergraduate Student Research Award

  • Fellows Committee
    The Fellows Committee receives all nominations for Fellowship, collects and considers such supporting materials as are necessary, and makes recommends of nominees for Fellow status in the society, in accordance with the bylaws of the society and of the APA. 

  • Membership Committee
    The Membership Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of programs and procedures to both recruit and retain membership in the society. 

  • Program Committee
    The APA Program Committee is responsible for making arrangement for the program and annual meeting of the society held during the annual convention of the APA. The committee is co-chaired by the president of the society and a member of the society. The committee organizes invited symposia and speakers, reviews submissions to the convention, and assists in making arrangements for other society events associated with the convention. 

  • Student Committee
    The Student Committee is elected by the society’s student membership. The Student Committee advocates on the behalf of students, representing their interests, supporting professional development opportunities, and promoting student participation in society activities. 

Appointed Positions

APA Committees and Task Forces

APA Task Force on the Interface between Psychology and Global Climate Change
The task force is responsible for developing a proposed research agenda dealing with how psychological science should address global climate change, which will provide APA with action and policy recommendations in regards to commonalities in psychological science and global climate shifts.
Date created: 2011