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Members of Div. 34 apply psychological knowledge and practice to understand a variety of topics and issues, including: 

  • human behavior and well-being related to the design of built spaces, landscapes, and natural environments
  • conservation of wildlife and other species
  • synergies between human mental health and flourishing and the ecology of the natural environment
  • psychological consequences of population and high population density

We maintain websites, a listserv and social networking sites; publish newsletters; organize APA convention programs; publicize activities and employment opportunities; and promote diverse approaches in the study of environmental psychology.


  • Connect with a community of like-minded peers dedicated to top quality research and practice.

  • Participate in our email list and check out the conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that feature employment, funding, conference, and journal alerts as well as a forum to discuss relevant issues.

  • Qualify for annual awards and fellows status.

  • Present your research and/or attend our symposiums, invited talks, and poster sessions at the APA Annual Convention each August.

  • Gain leadership and networking opportunities through participation in division committees.

  • Get involved in interest groups for each of our four membership interest areas (environmental, conservation, ecopsychology, and population).

New Members

  • You do not need to be a member of APA to join Div. 34.

Current Members

Membership fees are $30 per year for members, associates, fellows, and professional affiliates. Fees are $15 per year for student affiliates. If you are a member of APA, you will be billed through APA. If you are a non-member, then you will be billed directly by Div. 34.

Membership Application

You can join the Society for Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology directly through APA by completing their online division membership application used for several divisions. While membership in APA helps the society because APA helps our division, you do not need to be a member of APA to belong to the society. On the APA application form you will be asked to register with APA to join the division. This is not a membership to APA. It allows APA to assist us in our membership processing.

Last updated: September 2021Date created: July 2011
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