United Nations and Human Settlements

Join the Committee on Human Settlement's Listserv and stay current on environmental issues from organizations like the UN Habitat

At the United Nations in New York City, committees of experts in NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) partner with agencies like UN Habitat. Since 1976, the NGO Committee on Human Settlements (CHS) has focused on environmental issues such as housing, rural and urban settlements. CHS meets monthly in New York City, and is described in detail—aims, activities, officers, resources— at webmaster Rick Sanford’s website. Interested individuals can join the free monthly CHS listserv on request. A few psychologists have recently served as officers of this interdisciplinary CHS, including Drs. Peter Walker and Harold Takooshian (Chair for 2007–2009). To mark 2010 World Habitat Day on October 4, the Committee hosted a forum on the theme “Better cities, better lives,” reported by Rahill (2011). This report can be downloaded from the APA Division 52 website.


Rahill, K. (2011). World Habitat Day 2010 forum in New York City. International Psychology Bulletin, 15(1), 27–29.