Membership Committee Report

Our membership goal for this year is 500 members and we are well on our way to meeting it

Our membership goal for this year is 500 members and we are well on our way to meeting it. Total membership for 2010 was 424 (including both paid and free memberships) and we already have 383 current members this year, with nearly 6 months left before the APA Convention (see below).

We are working with the Executive Board on updating the division website and creating a membership brochure, which will be made available for download on our updated website. We are also hoping to make Membership Committee Report copies available for people who want to take them to meetings, conferences, etc. for distribution.

We welcome a wide variety of individuals as members, including:

  • Active Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychologists

  • Psychologists in other sub-fields who are interested in topics related to the environment, population, and conservation.

  • Researchers from other disciplines (e.g., social, biological & physical science, humanities) with an interest in the interactions between humans and our environment(s).

  • Affiliates (e.g., non-researchers) that are interested in applying principles ofenvironmental, population, and conservation psychology to their work.

Current members are strongly encouraged to refer interested colleagues to the current division website or to Beth Karlin to learn more and/or join us in this work. Anybody interested in getting involved in the membership committee is also invited to get in touch.

Thanks for you support and we hope to see many of you at the APA Annual Convention in Washington, DC, this August.

  2010 Final 2011 to Date 2011 Goal
Paid Free Paid Free Paid Free
Associates 1 3 2 2 5 5
Life Status 42 34 46 41 50 50
Fellows 39 35 31 37 30 30
Members 110 70 95 49 140 50
Affiliates 13 14 9 12 20 10
International 2 3 2 4 5 5
Students 10 48 8 45 50 50
Total 217 207 193 190 300 200
  Total Total Total
424 383 500