Treasurer’s Report

This report compares and summarizes the division's financial growth between this year and last, and the anticipated financial expenditures requested by President Bruce Walsh

By Mary Gregerson, Treasurer

Thank you for the honor of providing Treasurer service to Division 34 for the upcoming year.

The coffers of Division 34 start the year with $17,225.47, which does not include 2011 dues. In 2010 Division 34 received total dues of $2,845.00. If our membership numbers have held steady from 2010 to 2011, since there was no dues change, a similar amount can be expected in dues income.

Last year expenses for Division 34 were $4,476.38, with an end-of-year loss of $1,610.89. Printing/duplicating was the number one cost ($2,606.54) with office charges levied at $1,182.56. Other costs were postage ($314.13), production postage ($138.44), an award ($196.60), bank charges ($21.11) and advertising ($18.00).

Division 34 President Bruce Walsh intends this year to have the following financial expenditures:

  1. Undergraduate Research Award ($200 plus Convention registration if the person attends).

  2. Division Services fees to conduct the forthcoming electronic bylaws vote.

  3. Division Services fees for the Website revision that is in progress. A friendly reminder concerns the reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of Division 34, should any member request such reimbursement. APA Division Accounting Services requires original receipts to be filed for tax purposes.

I look forward to the occasions when doing business with Division 34 members. Should any Division 34 member need to contact me, please either send an email a letter (Dr. Mary Gregerson, Division 34 Treasurer, c/o Health, Environment, Performance Psychology, 1116 South Esplanade, Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-3522), or a fax (913) 250-6512; or please call me (703) 405-1149. Original receipts need be sent snail mail.