Division 34 Website Update

Learn how the Division 34 Website is undergoing a major update to become more accessible and user friendly for visitors

The Division 34 website is undergoing a much-needed revision. The Division has a limited presence on the web through the main APA website (as do other divisions): This past fall, the Division’s more expanded site, formerly hosted through the University of Central Florida, was moved to an APA server. This site can be accessed through

This latter site will be the one that is updated and, later, redesigned. This work will be accomplished in two phases. First, the content on the existing Division web page will be updated to provide users with information about the Division (including its nature and scope), Division membership, leadership and governance, and information about the Division’s convention program. This update will function as an interim site until the site can be redesigned. The redesigned Division web site will reside on the APA servers, as this will allow easier and timelier modification of the site’s content. The redesigned site will incorporate the templates and features that the APA has been developing. The website update will occur during April. The redesigned website will be deployed hopefully during the summer.