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Nominate a SEPCP Fellow: Call for Nominations

Nominate a colleague for selection as an APA Fellow of SEPCP

Please consider nominating one of our SEPCP colleagues for Fellow status in the Division. Self-nominations are also welcomed. Nominating a colleague for selection as an APA Fellow of SEPCP gives us the chance to recognize the important contributions of our colleagues to the research and practice of environmental, population, and conservation psychology.

The nominee needs to be a current member of APA as well as of SEPCP. Recommendations from three current APA Fellows are also required. In endorsing worthy candidates, we use the general criteria established by APA:

  1. Doctoral degree based in part on a psy1. chological dissertation;
  2. Prior status as a Member for at least 2. one year and nomination by a Division to which the Member belongs;
  3. Active engagement in the advance3. ment of Psychology;
  4. Five years of acceptable post-doctoral 4. experience;
  5. Evidence of unusual and outstanding 5. contribution or performance in the field of psychology.

Please contact me at by email to receive a nomination packet.

Nomination materials will be due to me by November 1, 2011 to allow a thorough review of the materials.

Ann Sloan Devlin, PhD
Department of Psychology
Connecticut College
APA SEPCP Fellows Chair
(860) 439-2333