Seeking instructor for applied topics in ecopsychology

Lewis & Clark Graduate School seeks an instructor for our annual Applied Topics course

Social and Environmental Justice—May 2012

The Ecopsychology in Counseling Certificate at Lewis & Clark Graduate School explores the relationships between mental health, well-being and the natural environment and ways in which counselors and psychotherapists can contribute to conservation and sustainability. Students undertake the Certificate in the course of Master's training in fields such as Professional Mental Health Counseling; Marriage, Couples and Family Therapy; Addictions Studies; and School Counseling.

We are seeking an Instructor for our annual Applied Topics course that meets on the weekend of May 19-20, 2012 on the Lewis and Clark Graduate Campus in Portland, OR. The focus of this 1-credit weekend course is Social and Environmental Justice—in relation to Eco psychology, environmentally focused psychology, and the practice of counselors and psychotherapists.

The instructor will have opportunity to frame the course in terms of their expertise. Material to be covered might include, for example, the intersection of social and environmental justice, a “Just Sustainability” paradigm (e.g., Agyeman et al., 2003), indigenous or postcolonial psychology perspectives, cultural diversity and environmental beliefs and behaviors in modern industrialized countries, the survival of indigenous cultures and life ways in face of global environmental and technological changes, or other ecologically engaged counseling practices.

The ideal candidate will have significant experience and/or credentials as a working counselor and/or significant experience working with issues of social and environmental justice and cultural diversity on a community level.

Compensation: The instructor will receive compensation as an Adjunct faculty at Lewis & Clark Graduate School ($1200.00). There is no travel or lodging stipend. The community may be able to help with lodging and meals.

Please send a letter of interest; a brief summary of proposed course activities, readings or syllabus examples; and a CV to Certificate Directors Thomas Doherty and Tod Sloan.