Message from the editor

The recent member survey received an impressive number of responses

By Sally J. Augustin, PhD

Hi Members of Division 34/SEPCP!

Members of Division 34/SEPCP are certainly not reticent about sharing their opinions.  Our recent member survey was emailed to 697 current and former members.  Even though most of its questions were open-ended and it required a little time to craft responses, 100 people answered all questions on the survey and an additional 71 responded to some of the questions.  As a result, we have lots of great data to analyze and our Division will be able to tune the services it provides to meet your needs.  If you’ve thought of any additional info you’d like to share since completing the survey, please feel free to contact me.

I was just at the HealthCare Design Conference in Phoenix – and so was fellow Division member Ann Devlin (Connecticut College).  What conferences are you attending?  Send a note to this newsletter and we can arrange mini-Division meet-ups.

Share information about your work with other members of Division 34 in the next Division newsletter.  Send a write-up of your latest projects to the newsletter editor for inclusion in an upcoming issue.

Also, feel free to send questions you would like to ask other members about research tools or techniques or anything else that’s been puzzling you.  The newsletter is electronic, so article length is flexible and we can easily include photos, charts, etc.

We’ll publish news/questions from members in the first newsletter after we receive them – so the sooner you forward your information, the sooner your write-up will get to other members.
Nominate someone deserving for the 2013 Newman-Proshansky Award – info on the award follows in the announcements section of this newsletter.