Hello members of Division 34/SEPCP

An update on the recent member survey and a call for contributions to future issues of the newsletter.

Hi Members of Division 34/SEPCP! 

The data from the recent member survey have been analyzed and I have lots of new insights about how Division 34/SEPCP can support the professional needs of its members.  It’s really clear from the survey data that our listserv is an important resource – thanks to Bob Gifford for keeping it going for so many years!   It was also readily apparent in the information collected that networking, sharing knowledge, and learning about new developments in psychology are all very important to the survey-takers.  We have a social media committee coming up with new tools and refining the ones we currently have, which seems appropriate considering member needs/desires.  Right now, we can share info about projects, etc., through this newsletter and the listserv.

Please contact me if you’re reading this and consider yourself a population psychologist.  I want to make sure that the division/SEPCP is supporting your work.

Whether you’re an environmental, conservation, population, or eco psychologist, or something else, share information about your work with other members of Division 34/SEPCP in the next division newsletter.  Send a write-up of your latest projects to the newsletter editor for inclusion in an upcoming issue. 

Also, feel free to send questions you would like to ask other members about research tools or techniques or anything else that’s been puzzling you.  The newsletter is electronic, so article length is flexible and we can easily include photos, charts, etc.

We’ll publish news/questions from members in the first newsletter after we receive them -- so the sooner you forward your information, the sooner your write-up will get to other members.

Nominate someone deserving for the 2013 Newman-Proshansky Award -- info on the award follows in the announcements section of this newsletter.

Sally Augustin, PhD
Principal, Design With Science
President, 2012-2013, Division 34/Society of Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology