Hello members of Division 34/SEPCP

A message from the division president on division programming and the results of a recent member survey.

By Sally J. Augustin, PhD

Hi Members of Division 34/SEPCP!

Welcome to the first Division 34/SEPCP newsletter of 2013.

The data from the member survey have been analyzed – and they make some things very, very clear. The members of the Division/Society who answered the questions on the survey really want to connect with people with similar interests. More opportunities to network are very important to them. Members are interested in learning from others and also sharing their own recent insights and research.

Harnessing some of the new technologies available will help us all connect more effectively than the existing tools in play – although many people had positive comments about our listserv and newsletter. Beth Karlin (Program Director, Transformational Media Lab, Center for Unconventional Security Affairs, University of California, Irvine) is leading a group investigating the best ways for Division/Society members to learn more about each other and their work – whether that’s via Facebook, LinkedIn, an enhanced division/society website, or something else entirely. If you have related suggestions, please contact Beth or me.

Division 34/SEPCP’s programming for APA’s 2013 convention in Hawaii is being finalized. We have a wide range of presentations on tap. The next newsletter will highlight the planned papers/symposium/etc., which reflect the full range of members’ interests, from design/environmental, conservation, eco, to population psychology. The Division/Society has 19 hours of programming time allocated to it for the Hawaii conference, and we’ll be using every minute of it!

The original plan for this newsletter was to publish every 2 weeks. That schedule has been changed and the new one calls for the newsletter to be distributed every month. The bi-weekly schedule was meant to encourage members to share information with each other through the newsletter, but news from members didn’t support publishing that frequently.

Use this newsletter to move your work forward. Whether you’re an environmental, conservation, population, or eco psychologist or something else, share information about your work with other members of Division 34/SEPCP in the next division newsletter. Send a write-up of your latest projects to the newsletter editor for inclusion in an upcoming issue.

Also, feel free to send questions you would like to ask other members about research tools or techniques or anything else that’s been puzzling you. The newsletter is electronic, so article length is flexible and we can easily include photos, charts, etc.

We’ll publish news/questions from members in the first newsletter after we receive them – so the sooner you forward your information, the sooner your write-up will get to other members.

Sally Augustin, PhD
Principal, Design With Science
President, 2012-2013, Division 34/Society of Environmental, Population, and Conservation Psychology