Message from the president

The division president updates members on the work of the Technology and Social Media Task Force and other news.

By Sally J. Augustin, PhD

Dear Members of Division 34/SEPCP:

2013 is now well underway and so are Division 34/SEPCP’s plans for new member tools! The Technology and Social Media Task force has completed its work and Division 34/SEPCP will soon move forward with implementing its suggestions.

The committee was headed by Beth Karlin. Other committee members were Samantha Neufeld, Joey Schmitt, Elizabeth Keenan, Katelyn Lehman, Mary Beth Mannarino.

The team included the highlights of their findings in the executive summary of their report:

“The Society for Environmental Population and Conservation Psychology (SEPCP) convened a task force to examine social media platforms that are currently in use by the Division, as well as platforms that may be considered for future use. We also examined the social media strategies of several similar organizations, to determine which platforms are most and least effective for them. In our review of current social media platforms (i.e., the website, APA Communities, the listserv, and the newsletter), we found all but the APA Communities platform are being used somewhat effectively, and we make recommendations regarding the continued use and integration of these platforms. Based on our exploration of potential social media platforms, we recommend several additional platforms that the Division may use to increase information dissemination and member interaction (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter), as well as two that should be considered further (i.e., Tumblr and Reddit) and two that should be dismissed due to excessive maintenance needs or overlapping functionality (i.e., Google+ and Wiki). We recommend the creation of a Technology and Social Media Committee to be formally recognized by the Division, which would be tasked with overseeing the active development and maintenance of the division website, APA Communities page, and any new social media platforms that are developed. Finally, we recommend a timeline for rolling out new social media platforms, as well as committee structure and plans for ongoing communication.”

The Division’s LinkedIn site will be up and running soon, with other social media enhancements to follow. Samantha Neufield and Joey Schmitt are heading up the committee to implement the social media program. If you’d like to be a member of their team, send me your e-mail address and I will forward it on to them.

President-elect Thomas Doherty is spearheading a task force to identify Division 34/SEPCP’s mission. A Division 34/SEPCP communication and marketing plan will flow from this mission. If you’d like to contact Thomas directly about this group and its work, he can be reached by email.

Division elections are coming soon. Keep an eye out for your ballot and vote!

Sally Augustin (

Great Division Programming for 2013 APA Convention in Hawaii

The Division 34/SEPCP program for the 2013 convention has been prepared. The schedule will be finalized at the end of March and submitters will receive information then about the dates/times of their presentation.