Div. 34 Members: News You Can Use

Div. 34 is adding social media; outstanding convention program; vote!
By Sally J. Augustin, PhD

Div. 34 is up to good things!

Div. 34 now has its own LinkedIn group, called Division34. Join to share information and insights with other members of the Division or to join ongoing discussions. The LinkedIn group would have been a great venue for the recent member discussions of sense of control and, separately, of environmental/conservation psych textbooks and the groups decision to increase the amount of info on environmental/conservation psych in textbooks by approaching publishers directly – if it had existed then. Join, contribute, and make a difference.

The convention program is final – and appears below. The Division is hosting events that represent the full range of member interests. Come to Hawaii to learn more about what other members of the Division are up to – or just for our happy hour. The Journal of Environmental Psychology has had its 30th birthday (a few years ago, actually), but this year we’ll celebrate its accomplishments at our social hour – and what member of Div. 34 doesn’t like a good party?

It’s time to vote for Division officers. By helping select the future leaders of the Division you’ll be indicating what you think the Division should focus on in the years to come. Candidate statements are included in this newsletter. Go to MyAPA and log in to cast your vote by May 30 at 11:59 p.m., EDT. If you have any problem, contact Garnett Coad, Director, APA Elections. President-Elect Thomas Doherty is also convening a task force to identify the Division’s future mission; the officers elected this year will help implement that future.

Join. Attend. Vote.


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