Div. 34 Members: News You Can Use

Div. 34 is increasing its social media presence and providing an an outstanding convention program.
By Sally J. Augustin, PhD

Div. 34 is moving forward!

Div. 34 now has its own LinkedIn group, called Division34.  Via the LinkedIn group, we can all share information and insights with other members of the division or participate in ongoing discussions. Join, contribute and make a difference. I’m looking forward to the full implementation of our division’s social media program before the Hawai’i conference – watch the division’s listserv for updates. 

The convention program  is final – and appears below.  The division is hosting events that represent the full range of member interests.  Come to Hawai’i to learn more about what other members of the division are up to – or just for our happy hour.  Make sure to check the APA convention program website, whose address appears in the article that follows, for last minute changes in room assignments.  We don’t want to miss you!
This is the final newsletter that I’ll edit as president of Div. 34.  Div. 34 has members with a range of interests: environmental/design psychology, ecopsychology, conservation psychology and population psychology, for starters.  We all have to share our division’s scarce resources.  I’ve worked with Thomas Doherty, the division’s president-elect, to make sure that convention hours, division funds, and our other “assets” are distributed as fairly and evenly as possible – which I think is an important precedent for our division’s future wellbeing. The ongoing work to clarify Div. 34’s mission and vision, spear-headed by Thomas, will clarify our joint opportunities.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the division as president.


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