Executive Committee

The Div. 35 Executive Committee (pictured above) met in August before APA's 2018 Annual Convention in San Fransisco. The Div. 35 Executive Committee includes a dynamic and diverse group of feminist individuals who provide oversight, recommendations and direction for the organization.

2018-19 President

Yuying Tsong, PhD Yuying Tsong, PhD, is an associate professor of Human Services at California State University-Fullerton. Tsong assumed the presidency of Div. 35 in August 2018. Her presidential theme is “Making the Invisible Visible: Feminists Fighting for Injustices for All.”

Tsong’s teaching and research use an intersectional framework to explore ethnic and sexual minority mental health disparities and help-seeking, immigration and transnational family, and culturally and linguistically fitting prevention and intervention. Her teaching also emphases involving undergraduates in research and building a pipeline for underrepresented students to enter doctoral programs.

Why Join?

The Society for the Psychology of Women was established in 1973 as Div. 35 of the APA. The society is devoted to providing an organizational base for all feminists, women and men of all national origins who are interested in teaching, research or practice in the psychology of women. Our purpose is to promote feminist scholarship and practice, and to advocate action toward public policies that advance equality and social justice. We are a voice of feminist issues within organized psychology.

Div. 35 is launching a free membership campaign. New members join free. (Existing members can renew by using the form on the membership page.)

It is not necessary to be a psychologist or a member of APA to join the society. All members receive the Psychology of Women Quarterly journal and the Psychology of Women Newsletter. Check out our "help wanted" section to learn about current position openings and volunteer opportunities to help the division. Once you become a member there are many ways to get involved in the society.

FemPop Blog

Sponsored by the Society for the Psychology of Women, this blog uses a feminist framework to examine, critique and respond to the popular attitudes, images, music and other media that affect the psychological development of girls and women.