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Biographies of Women in Psychology

Short biographical articles on women in psychology have appeared as Heritage Columns in the Div. 35 Newsletter, The Feminist Psychologist. The Heritage Column appears in every issue. The primary aim of the Heritage Column is to highlight and document the role of women in psychology by publishing information about their lives and careers that may not appear elsewhere, thus providing an ongoing source of inspirational, archival and instructional material on women in psychology.

Heritage Column Biographies

Alexandra Adler (1901-2001)
Helena Wladimirna Antipoff (1982-74)
Magda Arnold (1903-2002)
Gertrude Joan Aull (1910-93)
Diana Baumrind (b. 1927)
Anna Berliner (1888-1977)
Martha Bernal (1931-2001)
Lillie Lewin Bowman (1899-1966)
Mary Cover Jones (1896-1987)
Catharine Morris Cox Miles (1890-1984)
Tamara Dembo (1902-93)
June Etta Downey (1875-1932)
Helen Flanders Dunbar (1902-59)
Lilian Moller Gilbreth (1878-1972)
Esther Greenglass (b. 1940)
Tsuruko Haraguchi (1886-1915)
Molly Harrower (1906-99)
Mary Henle (1913-2007)
Olivia Hooker (b. 1915)
Ruth Winifred Howard (1900-97)
Thelma Hunt (1903-92)
Bärbel Inhelder (1913-97)
Marie Jahoda (1907-2001)
Melanie Klein (1882-1960)
Therezinha Lins de Albuquerque (b. 1926)
Rose Embly McCoy (b. 1914)
Myrtle McGraw (1899-1988)
Naomi Meara (1937-2007)
Maud A. Merrill (1888-1978)
Mary Louise Northway (1909-87)
Celestia Susannah Parrish (1853-1918)
Carolyn Robertson Payton (1925-2001)
Ellen Reese (1926-97)
Dorothy Rethlingshafer (1900-69)
Florence Robinson (1885-1936)
Helen Salter (née Verrall) (1883-1959)
Fumiko Samejima (b. 1930)
Virginia Staudt Sexton (1916-97)
Alberta Banner Turner (1909-2008)
Louise Vetter (1937-2003)
Lillie Williams (1854-1923)
Naomi Weisstein (b. 1939)
Florene Young (1901-94)

Div. 35 History

Instructions to Authors

Submissions that feature the lives and careers of women from traditionally underrepresented groups, especially ethnic minority women, are especially encouraged. If you would like to write a Heritage Column, or simply need additional information, please contact the current Column editor, Laura Ball.

Heritage Columns feature biographical information on distinguished women in psychology's past and present. When appropriate, authors should emphasize their subject's relevance and importance for the psychology of women, as well as for psychology more generally. Authors are asked to follow the guidelines of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) in preparing their manuscripts. Subjects of the column should be referred to by their last names (e.g., "For Reese, research, service and teaching were inseparable" as opposed to "For Ellen, research, service and teaching were inseparable"). Manuscripts should be no more than 800 words, including references. If the author has published similar material elsewhere, the Column should be significantly different from previously published versions so as not to infringe on copyright policies.

Date created: 2011
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