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Georgia Babladelis Best PWQ Paper Award

This award recognizes the best paper published in Psychology of Women Quarterly as selected each year by PWQ's Editorial Board from the pool of all accepted, unpublished papers.

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Established at the August 2010 Executive Committee meeting of the Society for the Psychology of Women, this award recognizes the best paper published in Psychology of Women Quarterly. The award is named in honor of PWQ’s founding editor, Georgia Babladelis, and it was initiated in March 2011 to mark the 35th anniversary of PWQ. A single plaque is presented to the lead author in the name of all authors at the following year’s SPW award ceremony at convention and is accompanied by an honorarium of $1,000.


This paper is chosen by PWQ’s editor and associate editors from the pool of accepted papers from the year prior to the publication of the selected paper. Authors are not asked to nominate candidates for the award; rather, all accepted submissions are eligible. Associate editors nominate papers prior to the August Editorial Board meeting at which time these nominations are discussed and a short list is developed. Finally the associate editors and the editor rank order these selections to narrow the pool to a single recipient prior to the production deadline for the March issue.

All authors are notified of their paper’s selection prior to its print publication. Recipients are expected to work with PWQ’s and the publisher’s staff to promote their paper, including media releases and other electronic forms of promotion.

Past Recipients

Sage Publishing has made the Psychology of Women Quarterly Georgia Babladelis Award papers available to nonsubscribers for free.

Alison Cerezo, Mariah Cummings, Meredith Holmes, and Chelsey Williams  
Identity as Resistance: Exploring Identity Formation in Latinx and Black Sexual Minority, Gender Expansive Women 
Psychology of Women Quarterly, 44, 67- 83. 

Lindsey G. Robertson, Tamara L. Anderson, M. Elizabeth Lewis Hall, and Christina Lee Kim. Mothers and Mental Labor: A Phenomenological Focus Group Study of Family-Related Thinking Work. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 43, 184-200. doi:10.1177/20361684319825581

Becky L Choma and Elvira Prusaczyk. The effects of system justifying beliefs on skin-tone surveillance, skin-color dissatisfaction, and skin-bleaching behavior. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 42, 162-177. doi:10.1177/2F0361684317747845

Charlene Y. Senn, Misha Eliasziw, Karen L. Hobden, Ian R. Newby-Clark, Paula C. Barata, H, Lorraine Radtke, & Wilfreda E. Thurston. Secondary and two-year outcomes of a sexual assault resistance program for university women. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 41, 147-162. dio: 10.1177/0361684317690119.

Jae Puckett, Sharon G. Horne, Cara Herbitter, Meredith R. Maroney, & Heidi M. Levitt. Differences across contexts: Minority stress and interpersonal relationships for lesbian, gay, and bisexual women. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 41, 8-19. dio: 10.1177/0361684316655964.

Victor E. Sojo, Robert E. Wood, & Anna E. Genat. Harmful workplace experiences and women's occupational well-being: A meta-analysis. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 40, 10-40. doi:10.1177/0361684315599346.

Grabe, S., Grose, R., & Dutt, A. Women’s land ownership and relationship power: A mixed methods approach to understanding structural inequities and violence against womenPsychology of Women Quarterly, 39, 7-19. dio: 10.1177/0361684314533485.

Fitz, C. C., & Zucker, A. N. Feminist with benefts: College women’s feminist beliefs buffer sexual well-being amid hostile (not benevolent) sexism (PDF, 295KB). Psychology of Women Quarterly, 38, 7-19. dio: 10.1177/0361684313504736.

Littleton, H. L., Grills-Taquechel, A. E., Buck, K. S., Rosman, L., & Dodd, J. C. (2013). Health risk behavior and sexual assault among ethnically diverse women (PDF, 232KB). Psychology of Women Quarterly, 37, 1-15. doi: 10.1177/0361684312451842.

Yost, M. R., & McCarthy, L. (2012). Girls gone wild? Heterosexual women’s same-sex encounters at college parties. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 36, 7-24. doi:10.1177/0361684311414818.

Gervais, S. J., Vescio, T. K., & Allen, J. (2011). When what you see is what you get: The consequences of the objectifying gaze for women and men. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 35, 5-17. doi:10.1177/0361684310386121.

Date created: 2014