Division 35 Awards

The following awards and grants are sponsored by Div. 35, either alone or in conjunction with other groups. The work for which the awards are given is typically relevant in some significant way to women's lives, or more generally, to the emerging psychological understanding of gender role influences on human behavior, broadly defined.

Career Awards
  • Carolyn Wood Sherif Award  
    The Carolyn Wood Sherif Award is the highest award conferred by the Society for the Psychology of Women.  It is presented annually to a senior individual for sustained and substantial contributions to the field of the psychology of women across research and scholarship, teaching and mentoring and professional leadership.

  • Corann Okorodudu Global Women's Advocacy Award 
    This award seeks to honor junior or senior psychologists who have worked to advocate for women's and/or girls' mental health around the globe.

  • Florence L. Denmark Award for Contributions to Women and Aging 
    The Florence L. Denmark Award for Contributions to Women and Aging recognizes scholarly or public policy accomplishments, or both, in the area of women and aging.

  • Heritage Award 
    This award is presented annually to a senior individual who has made distinguished and influential contributions to the field of the psychology of women in one or more of the following areas: teaching/mentoring, scholarship/research, practice/advocacy, professional service.

  • Strickland–Daniel Mentoring Award 
    This award recognizes the feminist mentoring of the award winner whose mentoring includes several components.

  • Sue Rosenberg Zalk Award for Distinguished Service to the Society for the Psychology of Women 
    Recognizes the contributions of an individual who has served the Society for the Psychology of Women in a variety of significant ways over a substantial period of time, as did Sue Rosenberg Zalk.

Teaching and Publication Awards
  • Georgia Babladelis Best PWQ Paper Award 
    This award recognizes the best paper published in Psychology of Women Quarterly as selected each year by PWQ's Editorial Board from the pool of all accepted, unpublished papers.

  • Mary Roth Walsh Teaching the Psychology of Women Award 
    This award is designed to encourage junior faculty teaching the psychology of women or gender course and focuses particularly on teaching innovations.

  • Psychotherapy With Women Award 
    Manuscripts on the broad topic of psychotherapy with women are eligible for this award. Research (quantitative and qualitative), clinical applications, clinical case studies and theoretical review articles are welcome.

Div. 35 Awards for Graduate and Undergraduate Students
Section Awards
  • Carolyn Payton Early Career Award (Section I)
    This award, sponsored by Division 35 Section I: Psychology of Black Women, recognizes the achievement of black women who are early career psychologists, specifically for published work addressing the concerns of black women and girls.

  • Psychology of Black Graduate Student Women Award (Section I)
    To support graduate student research on the role of gender in the lives of Black women/girls.

  • Student Scholar Hispanic Women/Latina Award (Section III)
    The purpose of this award is to honor the scholarly contributions of a Section III student member who has conducted research and/or scholarly work that advances the psychology of Latinas/Hispanic women.

  • Laura Brown Award (Section IV)
    This award is given to a psychologist who has made outstanding contributions in advancing lesbian and bisexual women's psychology in the areas of scholarship, teaching, practice, and/or activism.

  • Pioneer Award (Section V)
    This award recognizes an Asian Pacific feminist who embraces the mission of Div. 35 and Section V in her professional identity/work.

Keepers of the Fire Awards (Section VI)

In the Spirit of Indigenous wisdom and cultures, the awards for Div. 35, Section VI recognize those members or allies of the section of the Native community who perpetuate Indigenous ways of knowing. Those who fuel the fires of scientific knowledge and weave the threads of the community together in ways that honor and sustain the legacy we each represent.

  • Sweetgrass Award
    This award honors the Indigenous psychology professional who epitomizes values and virtues through the dedication of outstanding professionalism in service.
  • Sage Award
    The Sage Award is for the Indigenous Early Career Professional who is emerging as a professional and is an exemplar of Native values in a role of service leadership to the Native community.
  • Cedar Award
    The Cedar Award is for the Indigenous graduate student who has completed research or is involved in service focused on the needs of Indigenous communities.

Award History Highlights

  • 2007: Corann Okrodudu International Women’s Advocacy Award is established

  • 2006: Jessica Henderson-Daniel awarded the first Bonnie Strickland Mentoring Award. The award is renamed the Strickland-Daniel Mentoring Award

  • 2004: Award for exemplary service on Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Issues given to Laura Brown, and renamed the Laura Brown Award

  • 1996: Hyde Graduate Student Research Grants established

  • 1993: Bequest from Florence Geis estate to establish the Florence Geis Memorial Award for Graduate Student Research

  • 1992:  First Heritage Awards

  • 1984: First Carolyn Wood Sherif Award presented to Rhoda Unger