Carolyn Wood Sherif Award

The award is given to a senior individual based on sustained and substantial contributions to the field of the psychology of women as a scholar, teacher, mentor and leader.


Sponsor: Division 35


The Carolyn Wood Sherif Award is the highest award conferred by the Society for the Psychology of Women. It is given to a senior individual based on sustained and substantial contributions to the field of the psychology of women as a scholar, teacher, mentor and leader. Thus, selection requires evidence of excellence across research and scholarship, teaching and mentoring and professional leadership. The recipient receives a cash prize and is invited to deliver the Sherif Memorial Lecture at the following APA convention. The winner also chairs the award committee in the year following the lecture. 

The award was established in honor of Carolyn Wood Sherif (1922-82), an eminent social psychologist and one of Div. 35’s founding mothers. Sherif served as Div. 35’s president in 1979-80. .

How to Apply

Annual deadline: March 15

To nominate someone for the award, send:

  • A nomination letter (including the nominee's phone number and email address).

  • The nominee's curriculum vitae.

  • Copies of two or three selected publications.

  • Two additional letters in support of the nominee (only three letters are considered).

Send materials to Jeanne Marecek, PhD.

Nominations routinely will be considered for three years without further applications.

Past Recipients

Jeanne Marecek, PhD


Jan Yoder, PhD


Stephanie Riger, PhD. "On Being a Feminist Psychologist" 


Laurie A. Rudman, PhD


Stephanie Shields, PhD 


Karen Wyche, PhD. Talk to be delivered at the 2013 APA Convention.


Ellyn Kaschak, PhD. "The Mattering Map: Multiplicity, Metaphor, and Morphing"


Melba J. T. Vasquez, PhD. "Feminist Leadership From a Latina Perspective: What's a Latina School Teacher Doing in a Place Like This?"


Joan Chrisler, PhD. "Leaks, Lumps, and Lines: Stigma and Women's Bodies"


Beverly Greene. "Trojan Horses, Trojan Women, and the Pursuit of Social Justice: Moving From Symbolism to Structural Change"


Jacquelyn White. "To Have and to Hurt: Conceptual Issues in Understanding Adolescent Dating Violence"


Alice Eagly. "Female Leadership Advantage and Disadvantage: Resolving the Contradictions"


Lillian Comas Diaz. "Spirita: Reclaiming Womanist Sacredness Into Feminism"


Laura Brown. "Still Subversive After all These Years"


Cheryl Travis. "The Heart of a Woman" — Unpublished


Arnold Kahn.  "What College Women do or do not Experience as Rape." Psychology of Women Quarterly (In press).


(tie) Abigail Stewart. "Gender, Race, and Generation in a Midwest High School: Using Ethnographically Informed Methods in Psychology." In Psychology of Women Quarterly, 27 (2003), 1-11, and Judith Worell, "Searching for the Power in Empowerment" — Unpublished


Michelle Fine. "The Presence of an Absence." In Psychology of Women Quarterly, 26 (2002), 9-24.


Sandra Tangri. "Some Life Lessons." In Psychology of Women Quarterly, 23 (2001), 98-102.


Janet Hyde. "Men are From Earth, Women are From Earth. The Media vs. Science on Psychological Gender Differences." — Unpublished


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