Div. 35 committees consist of the Executive Committee of elected officers, Standing Committees established by the Society Bylaws and Special Committees created by the Executive Committee. Standing and Special Committee chairs comprise the Extended Executive Committee and are appointed by the Div. 35 president.

To become involved in the activities of our committees, if you are not currently a member, we invite you to join Div. 35. If you are currently a member, please contact the chair of the particular committee that sparks your interest. We look forward to engaging you in our division’s work.

Standing Committees

Academic Feminist Psychology

Co-chairs: Joy Tang and Danielle Dickens

APA Program Committee

Chair: Allie Minieri

Chair Assistant: Melissa Ward

Div. 35/Div. 45 Dance Coordinator: Jioni Lewis

Past Chair: Linh Luu

Incoming Chair (2021): Viann Nguyen-Feng

Awards Committee

Chair: Phi Loan Le

Continuing Education

Chair: Sherry Wang and Kayoko Yokoyama

Council of Campus Student Representatives

Student Representative: Bhanu Moturu

Early Career Professionals

Co-chairs: Cashuna (Shun) Huddleston and Clare Mehta


Co-chairs: Silvia Sara Canetto and Louise Douce

Feminist Professional Training and Practice

Co-chairs: Edna Esnil and Lenore Walker


Chair: Karol Dean

Global/International Perspectives on the Psychology of Women

Chair: Yvette Flores


Co-chairs: Olivia Espin and Pam Remer

Investment Committee

Chair: Jean Lau Chin

Membership and Recruitment Committee

Chair: Kathryn Anderson

Mentor Match

Co-chairs: Monica Ellis-Blied and Martha Bergen


Co-chairs: Lauren Mizock and Erika Carr

Nominations and Elections

Chair: Yuying Tsong

Policies and Procedures

Chair: Yuying Tsong


Co-chairs: Margaret (Peggy) Signorella and Yuying Tsong

Book series editors: Margaret (Peggy) Signorella and Irene Freze

Strategic Planning

Chair: Pam Remer


Co-chairs: Viann Nguyen-Feng and Lyz Fong

Social media managers: Grace Fowler and Candice Selwyn

Web presence auditor and digital historian: Hanna Chang

Social media auditors: Abram Milton and Ashleigh Golden

Digital resources manager: Margaret (Peggy) Signorella

Violence against Women

Co-chairs: Vicki Burns and Alexandra Zelin

Women and Aging

Special Committees


Chair: Sharon Rae Jenkins

Women Who Experience Serious Mental Illness

Co-chairs: Erika Carr and Lauren Mizock


Association for Women in Psychology/Society for the Psychology of Women (AWP/SPW) Science Track  Coordinator

Amanda L. Almond

Div. 35 Website Coordinator

Viann Nguyen-Feng

Newsletter Editor, The Feminist Psychologist

Shani Harris

National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS) Coordinator, 2021 and 2023

Wendy Peters

National Multicultural Conference and Summit Legacy Fund Co-chairs

Olivia Moorehead-Slaughter

Shavonne Moore


American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS)

Melissa L. Ward

APA Committee on Women in Psychology

Karol Dean

APA Committee on Aging

Florence Denmark

APA Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice

Robin McLeod

Association for Women in Psychology

Kat Quina

Canadian Psychological Association, Section on Women and Psychology (SWAP)

Pam McAuslan

Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education

Tammy Hughes

Div. 38 (Society for Health Psychology)

Helen L. Coons

Div. 42 (Psychologists in Independent Practice)

Vivian Barnette

Div. 44 (Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity)

Marge Charmoli

Div. 45 (Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race)

BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya

Refugee Mental Health Resource Network Steering Committee

Jean Lau Chin

Date created: 2010