Div. 35 Early Career Professional Committee

The Div. 35 Early Career Professional Committee was established to help support early career psychologists in their transition from graduate school to their careers.  The activities of the committee focus on that overall goal through engaging early career psychologists (ECPs) in Div. 35, representing their needs in division meetings, providing resources for them through APA programming, exploring their concerns through the “Figure it Out Loud” column in the Feminist Psychologist , cultivating them as leaders in the division and developing networking opportunities.  If you are interested in becoming involved, you can attend Div. 35 ECP events at the annual APA convention or help with our ECP newsletter by asking a question or providing your perspective in response to a question.  The future vision for the committee includes building on these current opportunities and creating even more changes for ECPs to become involved in Div. 35.  Some of these activities include continuing yearly APA programming, including social hours, discussion hours, and ECP-related symposia; expanding the ECP Committee to engage ECPs in leadership and service opportunities; increasing the Div. 35 ECP Committee's online presence; developing a mentorship match system; and conducting a needs assessment of Div. 35 ECP members.  To learn more about the committee or become involved, please contact Amanda Almond, PhD and Kat Quina, PhD.