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Feminist Perspectives on the Trafficking of Women

Michelle Contreras Chairperson: Michelle Contreras

The trafficking of women is one of the primary issues facing women globally. Trafficking and modern slavery of women occurs internationally and locally. The enslavement of women includes physical, sexual, financial, and psychological violation which can result in PTSD, depression, STDs, substance dependence, and even death. While journalists and justice departments have created educational materials, there is not a current media presentation available from the perspective of feminist psychologists. This task force is charged with the creation of a short documentary that will be utilized mental health professionals and the general public about the definition, risk factors, effects, and prevention/intervention strategies related to the trafficking and enslavement of women. The film will be distributed through our website as well as other free social media. It will also be submitted to film festivals. The task force will create a discussion guide to accompany the film for those who wish to use it in group settings such as psychology of women classes.

Date created: 2010
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