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Honoring and Supporting Feminist Action on the Local Level

Every year the Society for the Psychology of Women goes to a different city for the Mid-Year Executive meeting. This year they have decided to honor feminism in action at the local level. The organization that has been selected is the Jubilee Women's Center, a residential home for women in Seattle. Jubilee does incredible work empowering women and representatives of the staff and residents are joining the Executive Committee for lunch. Executive Committee members are bringing donations of toiletries, mental health materials, and gift cards for the residents.

As Feminists we do not want to gather in a city without making a positive contribution to the women of the city, particularly to those who are most vulnerable. To learn about the center you can visit their website and see their 25th anniversary video. Since its founding in 1983, Jubilee Women's Center has been improving the lives of women by providing safe, affordable and supportive long-term housing.

Jubilee operates two housing facilities; Jubilee House and 612. Over the course of the year, Jubilee serves approximately 60 women through housing and support services and an additional 500 women with crisis intervention, drop-in or referral services and through the use of their Learning and Technology Center and free clothing boutique.

Jubilee indicates that it is led by the guiding principle that all women are to be treated with respect and dignity. By valuing the inherent gifts and talents of every woman, they focus on the positive place within her. This unique philosophy, coupled with their extensive support services helps women make permanent change from the inside out.

Our mission, vision and values exemplify how we at Jubilee are working tirelessly to promote the worth, integrity, diversity, empowerment, equity of women every day, no matter what her circumstances.

According to their mission, all of Jubilee’s policies and procedures reflect Jubilee’s value of supporting women in transition regardless of gender, race, culture, age, economic status, sexual orientation or spiritual belief.

  • Jubilee honors and supports all women making positive changes
  • Jubilee respects and values the intrinsic gifts and talents of each woman
  • Jubilee values safe space and safe relationships
  • Jubilee values a time to heal and a chance for self-growth
  • Jubilee values and honors each resident’s voice
  • Jubilee values fiscal responsibility and organizational stability
  • Jubilee values the work and contribution of staff, volunteers, residents and donors

We encourage others to lend support to Jubilee Women’s Center and other local agencies which serve and empower women on a daily basis. Feminism is not just a way of thinking. At its essence it leads us to positive action.

*The information about Jubilee came from the Jubilee Women's Center website.

Date created: 2011

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