Division 35 Launches a New Section

Alaska Native, American Indian, & Indigenous Women

Iva Greywolf The Society for the Psychology of Women is pleased to announce the creation of our 6th Section which centralizes the experiences of Alaska Native, American Indian, and Indigenous Women. The purpose of this Section is:

  • To create a forum where Alaska Native/American Indian/Indigenous women can network and get mentoring and support from each other;
  • To provide outreach, guidance and mentoring to Indigenous female students of psychology;
  • To promote the fundamental objectives of the American Psychological Association and the Society for the Psychology of Women;
  • To advance understanding of the psychology of indigenous women;
  • To further the development of research methods and models of treatment and intervention that are ethnically, culturally and gender appropriate for indigenous women;
  • To advance the scientific understanding of features of ethnicity, culture and class among indigenous women which pertain to the psychology of women;
  • To accentuate the importance of adequate education and training in service and investigative approaches related to indigenous people;
  • To advocate on behalf of indigenous women psychologists with respect to the formation of policies of Division 35;
  • To provide a systematic forum for the presentation of policy, clinical and research findings in the area of services to AN/AI and other indigenous women, children, youth, and families at APA meetings.