Moving Feminism Forward

Thelma Bryant-DavisBy Thema Bryant-Davis

It is my pleasure to share the following updates on my presidential task forces.

The Feminist Psychology Institute

We are pleased to present the Feminist Psychology Institute — a project of the Society for the Psychology of Women. The deans of the institute are Beverly Greene and I. The institute has the premiere site for continuing education on feminist psychology, including wonderful articles from the Psychology of Women Quarterly. Please support the site by taking courses and telling others about the site. It is very easy. Once you register for a course, you read the article and take a brief post-test. You will then be able to print your certificate. For the first month we are offering a special rate of $20 for two CE units. In two months, we will raise the prices slightly but we will offer a discount to SPW members. Also, we will have additional courses to offer, so please continue to check back to the site.

Task Force on the Feminist Perspectives of the Trafficking of Women

The division’s Task Force on the Feminist Perspectives of the Trafficking of Women produced and financed its first film, which was directed by a feminist filmmaker Frances DeLoach. The film has been viewed by hundreds of persons both through the website, where it is posted for free, as well as in multiple trainings, conferences, and psychology courses nationwide. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Office requested 30 copies. Finally Michelle Contreras, the task force’s chair, has created a discussion guide about modern-day slavery (PDF, 62KB) that is available on the Division 35 website. The term of the task force has ended, and we applaud their lasting work.

Spirituality and Religion in the Lives of Women Task Force

Asuncion Austria, the chair of the Spirituality and Religion in the Lives of Women Task Force, oversaw the division’s first feminist interfaith service as well as an APA program on feminism, spirituality and religion. Melba Vasquez, APA past president and Division 35 past president, served as one of the discussants. The task force’s term has formally ended, but they continue to work toward the publication of a book on feminism, religion and spirituality among ethnically diverse women.

Feminist Perspectives on Pop Culture Blog

To engage early career psychologists as well as the general public, this task force created the FemPop blog to foster dialogue about feminism and emerging themes in popular culture. Shani Harris, assistant professor at Spelman College, spearheaded this task force. The term of the task force has ended, but we are pleased the work of this blog will continue. Division 35’s graduate students, under the leadership of Monica U. Ellis, have agreed to undertake the maintenance of the blog.

Globalizing the Psychology of Women Curriculum

During the first year of this task force, Sylvia Canetto and Debby Ragin served as chairs, and during the second year Sylvia Canetto was chair. The task force sponsored a program at APA to discuss ways to integrate global concerns in the curriculum for psychology of women courses. The following are some recent books positively reviewed in the Psychology of Women Quarterly that instructors may consider integrating into their psychology of women courses:

Duran, L. A., Payne, N. D., & Russo, A. (Eds.). (2007). Building feminist movements and organizations: Global perspectives. New York: Zed Books.

Kristof, N. D., & WuDunn, S. (2009). Half the sky: Turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide. New York: Random House.

Mancini-Billson, J., & Fluehr-Lobban, C. (Eds.). (2005). Female well-being: Towards a global theory of social change. New York: Zed Books.

Parrot, A., & Cummings, N. (2006). Forsaken females: The global brutalization of women. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.