Transformational Moments in Feminist Psychology

By Stephanie A. Shields, PhD

I am writing to ask you to contribute to an oral history project. I am collecting feminist psychologists’ recollections of local events or activities (late 1960s to the present) that they believe influenced/are influencing the development of feminist psychology, especially the scholarship of feminist psychology. 


Important turning points in feminist psychology can sometimes be traced to particular moments—specific publications or situations in which an individual or group sparked advancement of the field. For example, Naomi Weisstein’s article, "Kinder, Küche, Kirche as Scientific Law: Psychology Constructs the Female" often is credited as marking the beginning of contemporary feminist psychology. Just as there are national milestones like Weisstein’s article, there are also many transformational moments with a local flavor that have yet to be recognized. I would like your help in identifying turning points in feminist psychology specific to geographic regions, colleges/universities, or specializations within psychology.

This project focuses on accounts of unsung local transformational moments in feminist psychology as reported by the feminist psychologists who organized, participated in or benefited from those moments. Project results were included in an invited talk (PDF 259KB) at the 2014 Annual APA Convention.

How to Participate

We still are collecting survey responses. If you would like to participate, please complete the Transformational Moments in Feminist Psychology survey. We welcome responses from feminist psychologists in all phases of their careers. Feel free to share this survey with other feminist psychologists (international as well as U.S.). If you have any questions about the project or need to respond in a different medium, please call me at (814) 360-9755 or email me.                

Thank you for considering this request and, I hope, for sharing your stories.