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Div. 36 Awards

  • Applied Psychology of Religion and Spirituality Award
    This award will be presented annually to recognize an outstanding investigator in research or implementation of psychology of religion/spirituality in applied areas (e.g., clinical or counseling psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, educational psychology).

  • Distinguished Service Award
    This award is offered to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to Division 36 through service and leadership.

  • Margaret Gorman Early Career Award
    This award is offered to an individual whose innovative research in the psychology of religion is marked by scholarly excellence and has implications for theory, practice, or further research

  • Research Seed Grant
    This grant is awarded to provide recognition and assistance to scholars in the psychology of religion who are in the early stages of their careers.

  • Student Research Award Program
    This awards program is intended to support and stimulate research by graduate and undergraduate students on the psychology of religion and spirituality. Toward that end, this program may award up to 6 research awards in amounts up to $500 per award.

  • Virginia Sexton Mentoring Award
    This award is offered to individuals who have contributed to the psychology of religion by mentoring individuals who themselves have become active in the field.

  • William C. Bier Award
    This award honors an outstanding contribution through publication and professional activity to the dissemination of findings on religious and allied issues or who has made a notable contribution to the integration of these findings with those of other disciplines, notably philosophy, sociology, and anthropology.

  • William James Award
    Rewards outstanding contributions through publication and professional activity to basic research and theory in the psychology of religion.

Date created: 2012

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