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Mid-Year Conference Registration and Abstract Submission

Registration is now open for the 2020 mid-year conference. The event will take place at the University of Colorado-Denver from March 13-14 and focus on the theme of health and spirituality. Div. 36 has also put out a call for abstracts for the conference, which can be sent through the abstract submission portal.

Div. 36 Statement

The leadership of Div. 36 (the Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality) is keenly aware of the tragic history of violence related to religion and spirituality. People of faith have persecuted or terrorized others who believe differently (or not at all) whereas people of faith have, themselves, been persecuted or terrorized by other religious groups or by those who deny faith. Incidents of violence, intimidation and cruelty along these dimensions occur daily around the world though only a relatively few receive widespread or global attention. Thus, it is not possible, as a division, to thoroughly and fairly respond to these many incidents. Consequently, we are compelled to issue an absolute statement decrying all violence and aggression toward any person or group of people due to differences in views of religion and spirituality, including not believing in either. Consistent with our profession’s ethical principles and the widespread moral views of many faith traditions, we do condemn all acts that degrade and harm others due to their beliefs or lack thereof regarding religion and spirituality.

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Benefits of membership include receiving the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality and the division Newsletter, as well as many opportunities to make professional contacts in the field through participation in the Division’s Mid-Year Conference, APA’s annual convention and other division activities.

A wide variety of psychological interests and activities exist among the members of the division. Members work in virtually every area, from experimental and statistical research to clinical work with children and adults. We are concerned with both the scientific and applied aspects of our field. Many members do research exclusively on issues in the psychology of religion and spirituality; others bring this interest to bear on a variety of allied areas in psychology. Our professional affiliates may be found working in sociology, religious studies, and the other social sciences. Some members also possess a clerical degree and integrate psychology with the requirements of pastoral life as researchers and practicing clinicians.

Div. 36 Journal

Psychology of Religion and Spirituality The official Div. 36 journal, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality® publishes articles employing experimental and correlational methods, qualitative analyses and critical reviews of the literature. Papers evaluating clinically relevant issues surrounding training, professional development and practice are also considered.