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Appointed Positions

  • APAGS Student Representative:  
    Daniel Flint, Bowling Green State University
  • APAGS Student Representative:  
    Kirsten Lesage, University of California Riverside
  • Early Career Professional Chair:
    Kevin Harris, University of Texas Permian Basin
  • Membership Chair:  
    Innocent Okozi
  • Fellows Chair:  
    Edward Shafranske, Pepperdine University
  • Awards Chair:  
    Crystal Park, University of Connecticut
  • Publications Co-Chairs:
    Kevin Masters, University of Colorado Denver
    Crystal Park, University of Connecticut (Journal Editor)
  • Newsletter Editor:   
    Stephanie Winkeljohn-Black, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Listserv and Website Manager:
    Eric Boorman
  • Google Docs Webmaster:
    Tim Sisemore, California Baptist University
  • Program Committee:
    Joshua Knabb, APA 2020
  • Hospitality Suite Chair:
    Eric Boorman, APA 2020
  • APA president liaisons to Council on Poverty:
    Glen Milstein
    Innocent Okosi
    Carrie York al-Karam
  • 2020 Mid-Year Conference Program Chairs:
    Kevin Harris, University of Texas Permian Basin, Program Coordinator
    Amy Wachholtz, Site Coordinator
Date created: 2012
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