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Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members

President:  Kari O'Grady 
Affiliation: Brigham Young University
Term: Aug. 2020-21

Past President: Kevin Masters  
Affiliation: University of Colorado Denver
Term: Aug. 2019-20

President-elect: Innoncent Okozi
Term: Aug. 2021-22 

Treasurer: Ward Davis
Affiliation: Wheaton College
Term: Aug. 2017-20

Secretary: Amy Wachholtz
Affiliation: University of Colorado Denver
Term: Aug. 2019-22

Member at Large: Jennifer Ripley  
Affiliation: Regent University
Term: Aug. 2018-21

Member at Large: Chris Boyatzis  
Term: Aug. 2020-23

Member at Large: Gina Brelsford
Affiliation: Pennsylvania State University Harrisburg
Term: Aug. 2019-22

Council Member: Bill Hathaway
Term: 2020

Council Member: Thomas Plante
Affiliation: Santa Clara University
Term: 2016-2021 

Date created: 2012

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