Division 36 Task Forces

  • Early Career Professionals Task Force
    Chair: Kevin Harris
    The executive committee has appointed a task force to represent the unique interests, needs and concerns of early career psychologists of religion and spirituality.

  • International Relations Task Force
    Chairs: Amy Wacholtz and Doug Oman
    Provides division members with opportunities for exposure to and interaction with scholars studying the psychology of religion and spirituality in countries other than the United States.
  • Finance Committee
    Chair: President-Elect
    Managing flow of resources by approving budgets, awards, and evaluating special requests for funding. Members include Treasurer, immediate Past President (ex officio), current President (ex officio), and 2 – 3 additional people appointed by President upon nomination (self-nominations accepted).
  • Task Force on LGBT Issues
    Chair: Mark Yarhouse
    This committee is focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues insofar as they are related to the psychology of religion and spirituality.
  • Fellows Task Force
    Chair: Edward Shafranske
  • Poverty Task Force
    Chair: Andy Johnson
Date created: 2012
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