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The Div. 36 Executive Committee has appointed an Early Career Professionals Task Force that represents the unique interests, needs and concerns of psychologists of religion and spirituality who are early career professionals (ECPs) — that is, who have received their doctoral degree within the past 10 years. The Div. 36 ECP Task Force's mission is:

  • To represent ECPs' unique interests, needs and concerns to the Div. 36 Executive Committee.
  • To recruit new ECPs to join Div. 36 and to retain existing Div. 36 ECP members.
  • To promote the professional development of Div. 36 ECP members via programming and resources designed to support, empower and mentor these individuals.
  • To foster relational connections among Div. 36 ECP members and between ECP members and both mid- and late-career members of Div. 36.
  • To foster relational connections and research collaborations between Div. 36 ECP members and ECP members of other APA Divisions and of other professional organizations domestically and internationally.
  • To stimulate opportunities for Div. 36 ECP members to become more involved within Div. 36, through avenues such as conference programming, leadership positions and professional publication (e.g., in the Div. 36 newsletter or the official Div. 36 journal, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality).
  • To reach out to underrepresented groups and collaborate with other APA divisions to grow Div. 36 membership.

This task force is comprised of eight ECPs who are Div. 36 members within the broad psychology of religion and spirituality community:

We would love to hear from you, regarding any:
(a) ideas or comments you have;
(b) issues or concerns you would like us to address or to convey to the Div. 36 Executive Committee; or
(c) interest you have in available programming, leadership or publication opportunities. 

Please contact us by sending us an email.

Date created: 2014
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